Cosmopolitan Magazine Zhoumi Interview 140419

Mr. Pure ZhouMi

Your legs are so long. How tall are you?

- 186CM.

You speak Korean very well. Was it hard to learn?

- The company purposely made me speak as least Chinese as possible. Using Korean whenever possible. So I was able to learn faster.

Did anything happen when you weren’t good in Korean?

- I am close to Victoria so we went to watch a movie together, and we both pronounced “Avatar” as “APaTa” and almost didn’t get to buy the movie tickets. Haha.

We watched your solo stage, and you sing very well. You sang a Chinese song; do you have any thoughts about singing Korean songs?

- I didn’t know Korean songs well, but these days, I ‘m enjoying singing and listening to “썸”

If you were to date a Korean girl, what style would you like to date?

- Pretty and kind girl. Haha. I want to date a younger girl. I really like it when Korean girls call me “oppa”. In Chinese, you call both hyung and oppa “끄그” (gege) so it doesn’t feel any different.

If you were a normal office worker, what type of girl do you think you would date?

- Fixing? If I am the superior, I may be scary when working but when I am kind, I am very kind.

Zhou Mi’s dream~ I want to try variety shows. I think talk shows would suit me better than reality shows. I have many funny episodes (to share).(T)


Heechul is jealous of Zhou Mi talking to Puff in Chinese, but when he tries to get his wife’s attention, his gets his husband’s instead  ヽ(✿ ゚∀゚)